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Dear Fellow Zinesters.

You may remember me from a lot of my zines : Ingleside News, Orange & Blue, Girl w/Cat, The Happy Loner, Meetings, Paraphe, Vintage Entries... you might have known me under the monikers of Iza Straightshooter, Izalice Blue, Iza Bourret, now I'm Izalixe Straightheart...

I'm Iza from Québec City, I've been making zines in french and english since 1998, traded zines & letters with countless of you, had my zines in distro'es in canada, the US, the UK, Japan, Australia...

gwc1cover happyloner1

For the past 3 years, I had it rough. Battling major severe depression, ended a 7-year relationship with an alcoholic boyfriend, moving out of a great apartment downtown and going back to live with my 85 year old dad...... you guessed it, I havent published, or come to think of it, I havent even READ a zine in 3 years! The post office where I used to have my PO Box even closed in the meantime..... dreadful!

Now I'm doing much better, I'm moving BACK to my old building September 1st, I'm looking forward to having my IBM Selectric II typewriter AND my home photocopy machine repaired, I've bought a bunch of nice color paper for zine covers, I'm having ideas and I cannot wait to mae zines again! (both a local one in french, Arcane, of which I used to distributed 100's of free copies in public places, and intend to do it again) aswell as new ones in english (some comp' zines, some themed zines -about zines, about what it is to be a street fairy, about what Xmas means to different people) and I plan on making new issues of some of my zines which have been on hiatus, especially my "flagship" perzines, The Happy Loner and Girl w/Cat.

To celebrate this phoenix rising, I'd love to get news from all you guys and get to see what is going on in the zine scene lately. I am not awfully rich, living on a fixed income, having to be careful with money, just bought a mattress, rice cooker and stuff for the house....

If ANY of you would like to send me a copy of your zine, I would LOVE it, and I promise you'll get a real nice letter back! That would SOOOOOO make my day to find my mailbox brimming with zines, as I get settled again in my place after 3 years of not having an apartment!!


If you are so inclined, here's the address :
Izalixe Straightheart, Box #16, 30 rue Ste-Ursule, Québec QC G1R 4E3 Canada

And I'll be happy to send back trades as soon as I have something made & printed up.
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