everyday is a kankedort (thebongtree) wrote in zine_scene,
everyday is a kankedort

echo! echo! #10

echo! echo! #10
in the tarot, the ten of swords represents the completion of a mental cycle, the death of a self or an old persona. it signifies the shedding of long-harboured illusions and worn-out thought patterns so that other dreams and ideas might be pursued and one can begin again.
the last issue of echo! echo! is largely about such beginnings and endings. what's in it: a timeline of how i got into zines (that started in 1996, what), tiny stories about the inocuous yet fatal nature of the beginning of love and the subtle shift and decline of love ending. in between are four-panel comics about encounters with a grandma at the bank, crying at the art museum and dealing with writer's block. there is also a story about my high school computer teacher.
it's not a total sobfest, trust me ;)
content warning, though: there are mentions of depression and anxiety that might trigger or discomfort. please take care reading it.
echo! echo! #10 is 40 text-heavy pages, quarter-sized. trades are definitely welcome! otherwise it is $2.00 within canada / $3.00 international. all prices are postage-paid. send me a message here or at nerdturd @ gmail dot com. i take paypalz to that address or dollars in the mail~
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