v (conductors) wrote in zine_scene,

Abstract Door #1


I took the title of this zine from a Clarice Lispector chronicle & said everything I write this year will be called an abstract door because it feels like I'm always trying to open or enter an experience and never being able to. So I'm going to serialize those feelings!

The themes in this first issue include job search post-college, mother-daughter relationship in relation to job search, being a dreamer, being in-real-life.

These are 1/8 letter size, 36 pages, b/w except for purple door cover and inside gold ink gothic imitation title. Probably a $2-3 suggested donation and I'm open to trades.

I used to have this Dear Jaguar zine that I'm glad to abandon/retire.

So email me (cherevicky at gmail.com) if you're interested :)
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