K. (exchangediary) wrote in zine_scene,

A Million Birthdays #8 and 9

It's been several years since the last issue of A Million Birthdays (for those of you who even remember!), but I'm making up for it by putting out two zines at once.

A Million Birthdays is a perzine that tends toward short creative non-fiction. Each issue contains a number of short stories/essays (honestly, I'm not exactly sure what to call them) about my life. I live in northeastern Ohio & recently finished my undergraduate work at a university in southwestern Ohio. These zines cover the bulk of my college years and serve as an exploration of emotional and geographical identity. Over time, my zine has become a way for me to create and interrogate an understanding of self through the exploration of place, people, and circumstance. A simpler way of looking at it is: I'm a girl who writes stories about what it means to be young, to be in the middle of class boundaries, to live on the outskirts of a fading industrial city, to struggle with anxiety and validity and recovery.

Be forewarned, these zines are extremely, extremely text heavy!

Ordering info is A Million Birthdays #8 is 5.5 X 5.x" (it's square), 44pgs -- $2 + 2 stamps via mail, $3 via PayPal (sewtrue[at]gmail.com)

A Million Birthdays #9 is half size, 40pgs -- $2 + 2 stamps via mail, $3 via PayPal (sewtrue[at]gmail.com)

To order both at once, $5 & no stamps via mail or $5.50 via PayPal (sewtrue[at]gmail.com)

I'm sorry if the prices seem steep, I'm just charging cost of copying + postage. The PayPal price is higher because it accounts for both PayPal fees and shipping.

PayPal payments can be sent to sewtrue[at]gmail.com

If you're interested in ordering via snailmail, please e-mail me (sewtrue[at]gmail.com) for my shipping address.

Unfortunately, I'm not in the financial position to trade right now. When I'm able to accept trades, I'll edit this post.
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