simplylark (simplylark) wrote in zine_scene,

Simply Lark Press: On eBay!

Handmade greeting cards. Indie CDs. Vintage clothes and gifts. Artsy bookmarks. DIY duds and jewelry. Quirky notebooks. Adorable ‘zines. Weird novels. Sound like your thing? Then visit Simply Lark Press, an independent media company and boutique at their new store on:

Simply Lark Press not only sells a wide variety of indie, vintage, and DIY merchandise, but also offers many services. SLP writes resumes, publishes books, makes ‘zines, prints digital photography, produces posters from your digital file, designs CD covers, books band gigs, makes personalized greeting cards, edits photos, formats creative writing (novels, plays, etc.), provides fashion advice, and organizes artsy events.

Simply Lark Press, founded by current President Christine Stoddard, also has a MySpace page ( and a Facebook Group (Simply Lark Press). Christine Stoddard and Vice-President Daly Martinez are also coordinating the Neo-Indie Arts Festival in Arlington, VA---the premiere youth indie arts festival in the D.C. metro area. To learn more about NIAF, visit Facebook Events. If you are interested in any of the goods or services that Simply Lark Press has to offer or would like to participate in the Neo-Indie Arts Festival, send an email to
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