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What happened to FOA? And ZineWiki? And my keys? (Or Newsletter for April 2008)

Can't help with your keys, actually. Did you check your jacket pocket?
I think you were wearing it when you got home.

You may have been wondering where we've been for the past few months, or even, depending on how you look at it - almost a year. At least, we hope you have. We've all been busy here at Fall of Autumn, unfortunately though, not so much with the website and distro.

Alan's Youtube filmmaking has really taken off. He's made plenty of really cool videos and collaborated with many different people and projects on the site. He's even begun work on a book, tentatively titled "How To Be A Player on YouTube, From Someone Who Already Is..." The book is co-authored by Michael W. Dean, author of several books on DIY filmmaking. Michael was featured in FOA's Quarterly Issue 4 as part of the DIY Filmmakers roundtable interview.

Since Alan will be busy making even more films and working on his book, Aaron and Kate are pretty much taking things over here. Alan will still be a part of FOA, but more in the background. Aaron and Kate will be doing most of the updating, editing, contributing, and
distro management. While this transition was discussed and announced a long time ago, the new FOA is still a work in slow progress due to unavoidable limitations of space, time and focus. Expect a great leap forward around August when Aaron and Kate will move FOA headquarters
to an as-yet-unknown location which can better serve their needs.

FOA Zinester Podcast Series

This year, we've finally put the podcast series back up. We kicked things off with a reading from Jeff Disler, followed by a piece from our very own Aaron Cynic, and rounded out by a piece from Gabriel Darling. Coming up we have Chicago Media Action's Mitchell Szczepanczyk, Loop Distro's Billy Roberts, and hopefully many more. You may have noticed we changed the format. We felt that adding some new features like commentary, interviews, and music will flesh out the
Zinester podcast series and make things more interesting. Please drop us a line and let us know what you think about the changes!

Message Board

Due to some financial constraints, we've had to take down the message board. We put up a post about this on the front page and asked people to email us, but we didn't get much of a response from people on how to address this problem. The decision has been made to go with a free
board with a more limited approach. Hopefully, as time goes on (and if the board generates more activity), we'll put in a new board - but for the time being, we will operate on a limited message board.


You may have noticed that ZineWiki has unfortunately gone down for the time being. We're not sure who did it (or why - I mean, seriously kids, what's the point of hacking a brilliant resource like that?) but ZineWiki was hacked. Bad hacked. We did our best to bring it back up,
but unfortunately, we're not super knowledgeable in Wiki coding. With that said, *WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!* We need to find someone who can reinstall the WikiMedia files without overwriting the database. All of the articles are still there, it's just the WikiMedia shell (the php
files) that needs fixing. If you can or know anyone who can help us, please - send us an e-mail. We would be forever grateful.

Hip Lit Fair

FOA will once again participate in the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art's Zines, Comics, and Other Hip Lit Fair. The fair will be on Saturday, May 17th, from noon till 4pm. If you're going to be in Chicago, stop by and check out some fantastic writers, zines, and other hip lit! For all the info visit: http://www.mcachicago.org/programs/event_detail.php?id=59&page=genev

For the time being, FOA Press will update as we are able to. We're definitely looking for more submissions for site content, the distro, reviews, and podcasts. We also hope to have the quarterly back up and running for a summer issue, and many other things as they go. We thank
you for your continued patience and support. Please drop us a line at submit@fallofautumn.com. Keep your eyes and ears open - we'll have more for you soon!

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