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Berliner Mauen Zine #01 [01 Apr 2018|05:41pm]


"Berliner Mauern" is a 32 pages DIY zine from Berlin about graffiti, street art, curious walls & patterns, and similar things. It is based on the pictures of "berlinermauern.blog".


[looking for]: Punk and Hardcore Zines [28 Jun 2016|09:53pm]

[ mood | Happy!!! ]

Hi all,

We're looking for punk and hardcore zines for our zine library in Coimbra - Portugal and possible to a future punk/hardcore zine exhbition in the end of 2016.

Zine Library Blog: http://uzinefanzine.blogspot.com

Hope hear your guys!!!


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picking bones #0 [12 Sep 2015|11:03pm]


PICKING BONES #0 is a comic zine made up of various journal comics about Mercury retrograde, diaspora blues, flippant spellcasting, growing into self-love, as well as some persistent childhood memory comics about baddish haircuts, lumot, weird migrane remedies and more~

PICKING BONES #0 is 20 pages,
half-letter size
$5 postage-paid to anywhere

I accept Paypal at nerdturd@ gmail.com

I'm also super into trades. Send me a message so we could set something up!
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I have a zine [05 Jun 2015|01:21pm]

Hey I have a zine called krazy kevin about me if anyone wants to trade or toss me a couple bux over paypal

[28 Apr 2015|12:27am]

Hi everyone! (I wish this place was updated more...)

I'm currently doing a trading project and I'd to trade with as many people as possible. I'm interested in zines (both offering them up and recieving them in exchange, but I also have artwork, badges books, cds, dvds, and lots of other things. Everything I have for trade is here: http://swapwithme.tumblr.com/ feel free to comment here if you're interested!


If you are looking for ZINES.... [14 Mar 2015|08:21pm]

Not sure if anyone still reads this (which is really sad... every time I check zine_scene anymore one post out of two is by me & there is no activity in over 6 months... I remember when this was a thriving community with new zines posted about EVERY DAY!!!! What happened ???)

Anyway if you long for zines, cometh this way ::::




Thank you zine friends.
Izalixe Straightheart of
The Happy Loner, Arcane, Girl w/Cat, Meetings,
and former Orange & Blue, Paraphe & Ingleside News zine "fame"
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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Zine on Favourite Memories [03 May 2014|10:32pm]

Remember: 100 Favourite Memories asks the simple question - What is your favourite memory? Was it the first time you held your child? That Saturday when you slept in while it snowed outside? The road trip on the Great Ocean Road with your university friends?

Length: As you wish

Please send submissions (& any queries) to janell [dot] hoong [at] gmail [dot] com.

Kindly include the following:
- Name (or pseudonym)
- Age (Optional)
- Location
- Short 2-line bio about yourself (Optional) (to be included at the end of the zine)

Submissions can be submitted through email or in Word documents.

Deadline: After 100 entries have been received



screenwriters, manual typewriter tloggers, typospherians, lend me your ears [30 Apr 2014|09:18pm]

I've come up with a zine to reel in bloggers to my screenwriters/typecast community Pilcrow News by offering this elegantly structured 16-page zine for free to new members. I called this issue of ¶ news (the zine), the spider and the fly. So it isn't a one sided perzine made for a script writing audience. This zine contains life issues, bad decisions, good music mentions, book mentions, and cartoons.

Are you wondering how to get your copy? Send me a SASE with $2.00 or mosey on down to Pilcrow News dot livejournal dot com and request membership. I don't know how long my supplies will last for the freebies, but I'm just anxious to get my zine out the door (and to readers who appreciate good ol' cut and paste craftiness). I will be in touch for address information upon receiving your request for membership.

I am very excited about this. I hope I touch as many hearts with this quick read as my own heart has experienced throughout the years with the support of friends and family. I look forward to hearing from you.

[27 Mar 2014|08:20pm]

anyone know where i can find pdfs of some of the original riot grrrl zines. specifically, number 1? i have the riot grrrl collection book and it features some scans of the riot grrrl zine. i was reading this article in it but the second half of the article is omitted. basically i wanna finish reading where the book cut the article off >:[

Violin Spine III Finally Available :) [20 Mar 2014|03:32pm]


I have a new zine/booklet available for sale.

The colour version is expensive as it is expensive to print - price is $22. The B/W version is $10. There is also an ebook version for $10.

This is a labour of love. Written in 2005, the content of my booklet is what transpired in my life over the course of a year and a bit while living in the west-coast Canadian surf town, Tofino. Inside are tales of unrequited love and a lot of lust, surfing and biking stories, psychedelic trips, spontaneous friendships, hitch-hiking, staff housing drama, and my troubles fitting into a place where I felt like an outcast despite loving it all so much. I spent 9 years fidgeting with this zine, making it look perfect.

If interested they can be purchased here.


Black Light Diner distro going out of business -- SALE!! [08 Sep 2013|04:52pm]

Hey zine_scene,

All things must someday come to an end, and I'm sorry to say that my zine distro Black Light Diner is going out of business. I still love zines and plan to make them as long as I can press a long-handled stapler, but I have been spending a lot more time on my fiction writing pursuits and no longer have the time to dedicate to running a distro. I am also moving relatively soon, and cannot move crates of zines to another state with me.

So I've dropped prices! Including on my own zine (Breakfast at Twilight). So get yourself some zines, and allow me to not feel so guilty for letting my distro site lay fallow for most of the past year.

If you run a distro yourself and would like to get a stack of zines for it, please get in touch (blacklightdiner at gmail dot com) and I can let you know what I have left and estimate bulk shipping costs.

Thanks for reading!


I MISS ZINES!!!! [24 Aug 2013|07:56pm]

Dear Fellow Zinesters.

You may remember me from a lot of my zines : Ingleside News, Orange & Blue, Girl w/Cat, The Happy Loner, Meetings, Paraphe, Vintage Entries... you might have known me under the monikers of Iza Straightshooter, Izalice Blue, Iza Bourret, now I'm Izalixe Straightheart...

I'm Iza from Québec City, I've been making zines in french and english since 1998, traded zines & letters with countless of you, had my zines in distro'es in canada, the US, the UK, Japan, Australia...

gwc1cover happyloner1

For the past 3 years, I had it rough. Battling major severe depression, ended a 7-year relationship with an alcoholic boyfriend, moving out of a great apartment downtown and going back to live with my 85 year old dad...... you guessed it, I havent published, or come to think of it, I havent even READ a zine in 3 years! The post office where I used to have my PO Box even closed in the meantime..... dreadful!

Now I'm doing much better, I'm moving BACK to my old building September 1st, I'm looking forward to having my IBM Selectric II typewriter AND my home photocopy machine repaired, I've bought a bunch of nice color paper for zine covers, I'm having ideas and I cannot wait to mae zines again! (both a local one in french, Arcane, of which I used to distributed 100's of free copies in public places, and intend to do it again) aswell as new ones in english (some comp' zines, some themed zines -about zines, about what it is to be a street fairy, about what Xmas means to different people) and I plan on making new issues of some of my zines which have been on hiatus, especially my "flagship" perzines, The Happy Loner and Girl w/Cat.

To celebrate this phoenix rising, I'd love to get news from all you guys and get to see what is going on in the zine scene lately. I am not awfully rich, living on a fixed income, having to be careful with money, just bought a mattress, rice cooker and stuff for the house....

If ANY of you would like to send me a copy of your zine, I would LOVE it, and I promise you'll get a real nice letter back! That would SOOOOOO make my day to find my mailbox brimming with zines, as I get settled again in my place after 3 years of not having an apartment!!


If you are so inclined, here's the address :
Izalixe Straightheart, Box #16, 30 rue Ste-Ursule, Québec QC G1R 4E3 Canada

And I'll be happy to send back trades as soon as I have something made & printed up.
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Volume 2 of Dear You Zine [11 Aug 2013|12:46am]

The follow-up volume to the first Dear You: Letters to Lost Friends Compilation Zine.  This volume contains 25 new letters, packing 94 pages at a handy quarter-size.  For more information on the project, please visit: dearyouzine.livejournal.com

Ships from Singapore worldwide, USD5.5 (paypal to wtpp < at > hotmail  < com >), with a note 'Volume 2'.
or from my Etsy shop.

Thanks for viewing!
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TMBG zine! [12 Jul 2013|10:50pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey y'all! I wanted to let you know that I've just put together issues five and six of my They Might Be Giants zine, This Could Lead to Excellence or Serious Injury. I'm selling it (and all the other issues) in my Etsy shop, and I also accept trades, or let me know if you just want to send me the money directly.


Zine reviews! [12 May 2013|02:38pm]


Spill the Zines have reviewed lots of zines on our latest blog post, check it out here: http://spillthezines.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/april-zine-reviews-sheffield-zine-fest.html

echo! echo! #10 [26 Apr 2013|10:14pm]

echo! echo! #10
in the tarot, the ten of swords represents the completion of a mental cycle, the death of a self or an old persona. it signifies the shedding of long-harboured illusions and worn-out thought patterns so that other dreams and ideas might be pursued and one can begin again.
the last issue of echo! echo! is largely about such beginnings and endings. what's in it: a timeline of how i got into zines (that started in 1996, what), tiny stories about the inocuous yet fatal nature of the beginning of love and the subtle shift and decline of love ending. in between are four-panel comics about encounters with a grandma at the bank, crying at the art museum and dealing with writer's block. there is also a story about my high school computer teacher.
it's not a total sobfest, trust me ;)
content warning, though: there are mentions of depression and anxiety that might trigger or discomfort. please take care reading it.
echo! echo! #10 is 40 text-heavy pages, quarter-sized. trades are definitely welcome! otherwise it is $2.00 within canada / $3.00 international. all prices are postage-paid. send me a message here or at nerdturd @ gmail dot com. i take paypalz to that address or dollars in the mail~

Abstract Door #1 [26 Apr 2013|03:57pm]



I took the title of this zine from a Clarice Lispector chronicle & said everything I write this year will be called an abstract door because it feels like I'm always trying to open or enter an experience and never being able to. So I'm going to serialize those feelings!

The themes in this first issue include job search post-college, mother-daughter relationship in relation to job search, being a dreamer, being in-real-life.

These are 1/8 letter size, 36 pages, b/w except for purple door cover and inside gold ink gothic imitation title. Probably a $2-3 suggested donation and I'm open to trades.

I used to have this Dear Jaguar zine that I'm glad to abandon/retire.

So email me (cherevicky at gmail.com) if you're interested :)

Volthair #4: Recursive Language [01 Apr 2013|09:10pm]


Have you ever hosted a traveller before? Volthair #4 is the stranger in the night that you house in your guest room. Coffee and tequila; a mix of stories about couch surfing adventures to a list of embarrassing moments. I wear my heart in my zine, because I believe human connection is art.

My zines began as an art project; a goal to write about my life and send it to strangers around the world. Over time I realized how writing and reflection enabled me to grow. I've dealt with social anxiety for much of my life and my zines were the first things that allowed me to feel and be heard. My perzines have connected me with so many wonderful people around the world and gave me enough confidence to share with people I know in real life.

Each zine I publish allows me to observe how my personality shifts and changes. After every story I write, there is a decay period of reflection during the time I prepare for the world to view my zines. By the time you read my zine, I will surely be a different person. I may already regret a few things about what I have written before I even print the zine.

Low and below; Lo and behold; Volthair #4 is the first zine that feels most reflective and accurate of my printed cmyk mind. Kathy 4.0: Polished. This zine contains writings from March 2010 - February 2013. 64 pages. Black and White. Signed and dated on the back. 30 versions available.

Check it out at my ETSY!
U.S may also pay via paypal: $4.00 + $1.00 Shipping = $5 total


[29 Mar 2013|08:02am]


Preview of the covers for Electric Eden, a three part series filled with personal stories describing adventures on Coney Island.  Each cover features one of the three grand amusement parks that once made the area known as the Kingdom of Fire and provides the reader with detailed descriptions which will have your head swimming in imagination.  Pre-orders are available only at this time, but any purchase would greatly help in getting the magazine printed.

There are several ad spaces in each issue that are available to purchase - you can use this opportunity to promote a business, shop, art, blog or yourself.  Heck, if you want to write a shout out to your friend in Sharpie on a pair of boobs, I’d be inclined to include it so long as you were agreeable to the fee charged.
All proceeds accumulated from said fees and a portion of all magazine sales will be donated to the ENA Fund, a non-profit organization that supports equality and autonomy rights.

Deadline for submitting ad space material is April 21.  Please e-mail me for sizes and rates; black and white available only; all images must be in JPEG format.  If interested in anything mentioned above contact: lenorelovelace@gmail.com

This Could Lead to Excellence or Serious Injury #4 [23 Mar 2013|07:36pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Issue #4 of my They Might Be Giants zine now on Etsy, or I can do trades.


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