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Zine Resource Community
Columbus, United States
zine resources and information
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24 hour comics, aaron cometbus, anti-censorship, anti-corporation, art zines, change, coffee, cometbus, comics, community, compzines, copy machines, cut and paste, damn the man, democracy, distribution, distro, distros, drawing, e-zines, enfranchisement, equal access to media, equality, expression, fanzines, fiction, francesca lia block, free copies, free speech, free-speech, freedom, graphic novels, hillary carlip, illustration, independent, independent voices, indie, indie media, individualism, information, infoshops, kathleen hanna, king cat, kinko's, knowledge, layout, mass media, maximum rock and roll, media, media revolution, mini-comics, office supplies, passion, perzines, photography, poetry, print, print media, publishing, reading, reviews, scott mccloud, self expression, self publication, self publishing, short stories, the first ammendment, the little guy, the media, the underground, trades, trading, typewriters, underground, writing, xerox, zine guide, zine reviews, zine scene, zineguide, zines,

Buy a zine, make a zine, express yourself. See what people who don't have a stake in a national media conglomerate have to say.

Discuss, distribute, network, make contact.
Advertise your zine, discuss your zine, ask for advice, give advice.

wikipedia: zine

Zine Database contributed to by members.

Read These Guidelines:
Please limit the content of posts to zine related information [i.e. contact information, description of content, the zine survey, zine links...]. This community is collectively moderated. It is the responsibility of each member to discuss zine issues and settle disputes through mutual instruction, constructive criticism, and consensus.

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